Monday, May 30, 2011

the most-long-post-i've-ever-wrote-lol

it's been a long time i didn't update this blog.
i can see so much dust here lol.
btw,today i'm gonna make two post.
bcos i hv so many thing to "bebel" at here ;D
so let's go to the first one ~
-chapter I-
you know i'm so into K-Pop nowadays.
now,i'm starting collect the k-pop know stuff like your fav groups/idol albums,photobooks,posters,and many more.
so,on last three weeks,i decided to buy Jay Park's album,
yeah,Jay Park.he used to be the leader for 2PM's group.
but bcos of some controversy,he decided to go on solo.
so i bought it.hehehe
i asked my brother to order it and i used my own money to buy it you know ^^
only on five days,i got this album in front of my eyes (woot!i'm so excited you know!)
so here's the picture

hehehe.if we bought the album,it will came with the diary and a huge poster!
i'm so happy and excited!my k-pop stuff collection became more and more!
p/s:to my followers who don't like k-pop,i'm sorry.i don't mind if you don't like them.i support all musics and if you don't like them,it depends on you.i don't force you to like them.i respect you,you respect me.peace no gaduh gaduh xD
'gomawo chingu'(that means thank you friend in korean)

-the end-

-chapter II-

*cough cough*can you guess what's in there?
alright i'll give the answer now

almost last two weeks,
my mum went to Alamanda to buy some groceries and bcos my dad got some work to do at his office.
my sisters and brother also followed them.
i'm the only one who left at home.why?
bcos my mum said she only went there for a few hours.
so i thought,that's not fun bcos i'll don't have a chance fr shopping. T.T
i only ask my mother to buy the new The Body Shop lotion for me bcos the one that i used now almost finished.
so i stayed at home and do some cleaning stuff like folding clothes,washing the dishes and many more.
but,it seems like my mum only got back on 6 pm which is 5 hours have goneee and they'd shopping!erghh.
mum's bought herself a new handbag
when i saw my sister carried the Body Shop paper bag (as shown above)
i saw the bag was really full with stuff.
once my mum gave the bags to me,i'm sooooooo damn happy!
you wanna see what's in there?
here we gooo~


yes,i used the body shop stuff for everyday
usually i only bought the lotion and fragrance but sometimes i bought the body wash.
but this is huge!
i never get as much as this.
got lotion,two fragrances,one body mist and body wash.
i'm so happy and i can't stop smiling.
bcos my collection had gained more and more!
all thanks to mama and she said "guna benda tu elok2,jgn membazir."
hehe i love you Ma :*
i promise i will use this gift carefully and not waste it.

-the end-

and one other thing,on that day,my brother went to 2AM showcase.
i'm so jealous with him.
he got the ticket when he bought their new easy is that?-_-
he got back home on 10 pm.
and he brought some vids that he had recorded during the showcase.
but,i tell you what,the vids were not really clear.bcos he told me that he can't focused on the camera and he's too concentrate on their abang long
i really hope that one day i'll get the chance to see a concert or fanmeeting or showcase that got my fav group in there and my allow me to go there *praying*

i think this is much enough fr this time.
see you on next post.

till then,
Mira Mokhtar

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