Monday, May 30, 2011

the driving licences

hello again,
i promise that this post is gonna be short and simple bcos i don't want you guys to get bored with my 'bebelan' hihi
so,my birthday has officially passed and you know that means i can have the driving licences woot!
my mum had arranged everything for me.then she choose to register me at Metro Driving Academy.
firstly to get the licences we have to attend the this 6 hours class,they will teach us the basics and it almost same like ceramah laa.
then after that,we have to do the ujian undang2.
every question on there related with the thing that we have learn on KPP class.
the marks that you have to reach is at least 42/50.
for me,i have to take this exam two times because on the first one i got 40/50.
on the second time,alhamdulillah i'd passed with 42/50 (pheww atas pagar je lol)
after that,we have to attend the's 3 hours inside the class,3 hours outside.
they are gonna teach us what will happen for get the driving licences.
they also show us on what we gonna do and what so ever that related with driving.
for me,on this day,that was my very first time i drive a car.
am so excited the cikgu also sporting.
one week after the bengkel,i finally got the 'L' licences,which means i only can drive if i got the cikgu beside me.
then,after that,will start the new chapter that we have to learn how to parking,naik bukit,and the tiga penjuru one.
to make us easy,they'll teach us the technique on how to do that.
we will feel comfortable if we remember the step and can control the gear and our feet.
for me,i had did this on three times so far.and this third time i have to drive on JALANRAYA -_-
i'm so damn nervous and have been scolded by my teacher because i lose control.alhamdulillah i'm still alive.
but on the second and third time,my driving skill become much and much better.
all i have to fix are my eyes have to be more focus,my hand have to be 'cekap' on changing the gear,and my feet to control the brake and others.
oh btw,my JPJ test are on this 10th June.
got a lots of feeling that have been playing on my minds.
please pray for me guys.
that's all fr now.

p/s:sorry fr the long post,again bcos i have to much thing to say :')

till then,
Mira Mokhtar,

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