Tuesday, April 26, 2011

just a simple update.

well,hello guys :)
it's been a long time that i didn't update my blog.
it's not because i'm lazy,it's about the TIME.
seriously,this year are the most busiest year fr me.
i have to face SPM this year.
i have driving class to get my driving licences *insyaAllah on MAY :)
i have a lots of homework
tuition at school.
tuition on the afternoon,evening,and night.
i have to make sure i can catch all of the form four topics.(so do form five)
i have to be more focus in the class.
and so on.

i do miss to blogging like i used to.but i just don't have much time :/ *and now i'm blogging while i'm doing my homework.heheh
i promise if i have more free time,i'll blog :)

but if you wanna see or know my daily updates,you guys can check out on my twitter account.or if you guys got an account there,do follow me yeah ;)

that's all fr now.
hope to see you guys soon.

till then,
Mira,xoxo <3