Monday, May 2, 2011

2pm "Thank You" Hottest sing for 2pm ^_^ -- OH I WISH I WAS THERE ON THAT TIME ;'(

hello there.
so this is just some short update.
you see the vid above?
i found this on youtube just now.
i was crying when i watch this vid.
i wish i was there,sing this song for 2PM.
obviously they do love their HOTTEST so much.
this song is specially they sang for their HOTTEST .
but on this vid,the HOTTESTS sang this song for 2PM.
the lyrics,their voice, were actually to express their love towards their fans.
this video is actually from a fan meeting that 2PM did for their HOTTEST on last year.
yup,they called their fans the HOTTEST.
and yes,i'm the one of their HOTTEST.
i wish they could do that in Malaysia too :'(
do the concert,fan meeting,that will be OHSEM!*prayinggg
the most important thing is,i'll support and loving 2PM FOREVER!*insyaAllah
thats all fr now.

till then,