Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hey ho:))

sgt memenatkan..
i've to kemas rumah,sidai baju and so on..
nk hang out lah..
dh lame x shopping:((
pavi,mid,ts, i miss you so much:D hahaha

one more thing,
now,my relationship with my besties makin renggang:((
i miss them so much
and someone of them,dh delete i dari friends die:( entahla,maybe dia dh benci i kot:((
kan best kalau pegi hangout,
enjoy together
main bowling,shopping,lunch,karaoke;))
now,it's totally changed:((
i miss them very fucking damn much:(((
wan,alya,a'watif,zati,nina,ara,ain,soleh,biha,nat,nik,zul,afiq,fakhrul,zaim,arif,zuhdi,and many more..
act,i've alots of besties:)))

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